Zoo staff shared footage of rare newborn alligators, babies are completely white, just like their parents

There are-very few albino animals in the world, and their birth is an amazing and rare phenomenon.

Zoo workers in Florida in the United States recently reported good news about the birth of two alligators from albino parents. These babies are like aliens!

A pair of albino alligators became parents. Two babies were born, they are also albinos. This is a very rare event, because very few such reptiles live in the whole world.

A pair of albino alligators became parents for the second time in two-years. The female laid 18 eggs in April this.year, but only two crocodiles hatched.

Alligators become albinos, due to leucism, a mutation that causes loss of skin pigmentation. It is difficult for such animals to survive in the wild, they need protection.

There are about 100 albino alligators in the world today. Only 12 of them are in human care. ‘On average, such alligators live 35 to 50-years, but under the care of humans their lifespan increases and ranges from 65 to 75-years.

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