Woman in Tears When She Finds Her Dog Stolen From Her 2-Years-Ago

A woman has found her beloved dog. A dog shelter had shared a photo of a dog on Facebook leading to her owner.

This probably happened in Russia, judging from the language written in the post. The poor puppy was in terrible shape.

The poor dog had to survive on his own for two-years. As one can imagine, this was hard on the puppy. The dog had starved along with being dehydrated.

Additionally, he had not bathed in a very long time. Updated News Post confirmed this.

The dog’s photo soon went viral on the internet. The dog shelter received a call from a woman. She believed the dog might have belonged to her.

Eventually, the woman was able to track the dog down. The dog instantly recognized her. Soon, he jumped up into the arms of his reunited owner. Moreover, Lord is the name of the dog. News Media had reported this.

The pooch could not be any happier to see his old owner again. The dog had simply vanished from her backyard on one sad day. This tragedy took place two years ago.

Extreme emotion had overwhelmed the woman. She could not contain her excitement. Honestly, which pet owner could? The turn of events was nothing short of a miracle.

The woman certainly did not expect to see her beloved dog again. This event proves that dogs are truly man’s best friend.

As a matter of fact, the dog could remember her after two years. The dog was hoping to be reunited with his owner all along.

Neither the dog nor the owner had any idea when they would see each other again. Now, the dog is in safe hands. Likewise, his original owner will take great of him.

It is soothing to know that the two have been finally reunited. It is truly wholesome to have some good news. Therefore, this balances out the bad news in these harsh times.

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