Unlucky Cat Thr.own From Moving Car Finally Find A New Mom!

“This patient kitty was so excited when he realised he was being adopted, he could not stop hugging and kissing his new mom.”

So wonderful you saved this little one.
The cat has the sweet name Honeycake. With his cute appearance, how could someone be mean to a.ban.don him?

Honeycake got off to a ba.d start when he was [thr.own] from a moving car in a garbage bag. Luckily he survived and was rescued by a good Samaritan. He then took the cat to a nearby shelter.


The search for a new owner of Honeycake did not go smoothly. No one applied to adopt him and he had to wait a long time in the shelter. Unfortunately, the shelter doesn’t have a [no-k.i.ll] policy, which means there’s a deadline for this cat that’s been through so much trouble.

Honeycake’s deadline is coming and the residence is working hard to find a Honeycake adopter. If he’s not adopted, ba.d things will happen and it will be a [].


Honeycake’s story has reached Michigan Cat Rescue, and they’re ready to rescue him before the deadline. The cat got a second chance at life at Michigan Cat Rescue. This time his luck came. Someone appeared.

She is a gentlewoman and seems to have a special connection to Honeycake. She is ready to welcome the poor cat into her warm home. Honeycake was very patient, then became excited to meet the new mother. He kept climbing on top of her, hugging and kissing her face.


The sweetness of Honeycake made Renee determined to bring a happy life to the cat. Honeycake, now renamed Finnegan, quickly settled into the new home and the pair quickly bonded. She said Finnegan will now receive countless hugs and kisses every day.


Finnegan is currently living a great life because he totally deserves it.
We believe you both will get a lot of love from this adoption process…!


She is getting a beautiful fur baby!!!!
Thanks for saving the beautiful cat. God bless you both!!!!

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