For The Past 7 Years, This Cat And Horse Have Been Inseparable

Morris the cat used to live in a shelter until he was about nine-month-old when was adopted by Jennifer Boyle and brought into his forever home.

Morris was scared at first, but soon after he met Champy the horse, Morris started to trust a little bit more his surroundings. They met one morning outside of Jennifer’s house.

“I let Morris onto my front verandah after he’d had a few days to settle in and Champy was immediately interested in him, coming up to say hello and then persisted in wanting to groom Morris,” Jennifer explains.

Morris wasn’t attracted to Champy right away, but since Champy didn’t give up trying to make friends with him Morris just couldn’t resist for any longer.

“It was after Champy had been grooming Morris for about a week that Morris felt safe with him and jumped onto Champy’s back to start grooming him in return,” Jennifer added. They seem to have the best time together.

They have been seen drinking water together, taking naps together, even going for horseback rides together. Meet Morris the cat and Champy the horse, the inseparable friends.

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