The man found a frightened fawn and a lynx pup, during a house fire and brought the wild animals home to his family

George works as a rescuer and this is not the first time he has rescued animals in fires. The-day another fire broke out, George decided to walk around near his house to check if any of the animals needed his help.

Then he saw a small bobcat and a deer. He saw no other solution but to bring them to his home.

The man left the animals in the house and went about his business. And when he came back, he saw that the animals were sitting huddled together. This was unbelievable! The predator and the herbivore became friends because of – an accident. Since then they have been inseparable.

George understood that the animals could not survive alone-in the forest, so he left them at home.

Since then, the lynx and the deer live with George. There are also pets in the house/ a cat and dogs.

Residents think that it is very dangerous to live in the same house with wild animals. Previously, George himself and his whole family were sure of it. But time has shown that the lynx still remembers the kindness of a man and is very grateful for his help. He does not show aggression at all.

The behavior of the lynx is reminiscent of an ordinary cat, only’ of large size. She recognizes all members of the: household. Benji became part of a large family.

The little deer also grew up and got used to people. The two are still best friends.


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