Hairless ‘Skinny Pigs’ Look Like Tiny Baby Hippos

Can we talk about how bald guinea pigs, aka “skinny pigs”, look like tiny hippos?

Credit: @SurfWilde / Twitter

The skinny pig is an almost hairless breed of guinea pig — they typically have hair on their muzzles. But their bodies are completely hairless.

The hairless strain was a spontaneous genetic mutation that was first identified at Montreal’s Armand Frappier Institute in 1978.

Credit: @SurfWilde / Twitter

Although they’re incredibly cute, skinny pigs require special care.

They don’t create their own Vitamin C, so they need to get it through their diet. They have poor eyesight and as a result can be easily injured so they cannot be left alone in open spaces.

Credit: @LukeSkyWacka / Twitter

So if you’re interested in owning one of these “baby hippos”, be prepared to give them extra love and care. They live on average 5-7 years.

Or you could just enjoy photos of them on the internet!

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