Sick Bear Cub Is Left Behind His Family, So Police Officer Risks His Life To Save Him

The best thing to do when you see a mother bear and her cubs, is to not approach them. Yet, this police officer decided to put his life on the line, when he spotted one of the cubs in deep trouble. The kind man, eventually saved the little bear’s life!

Facebook/Town of Carroll Police Department

Thomas Owens is a State Trooper with the Town of Carroll Police Department, so naturally for a New Hampshire’s officer, he have seen lots of bears over the years. The New England state is home for nearly 5,000 bears. So, he always knew how to react when came across these wild beast. However, when he spotted a mother bear and her cubs trying to cross a road, he was anything but cautious. Yet the reason was very noble – saving one of the cub’s life.

Facebook/Town of Carroll Police Department

Officer Owens was on a patrol when spotted the bear family. So, he stopped the car and wait for them to cross, but for some reason the mother and three of the cubs kept returning and then crossing again. He soon realized what was the reason – another cub, the 4th one couldn’t keep up with his family. It is when he realized something is wrong. However, before the officer to make any move, the momma bear and her three healthy cubs made a rough decision. The lost their way in the bushes, leaving the cub behind.

Facebook/Town of Carroll Police Department

Determined to help the poor tiny thing regardless the costs, officer Owens stepped out of his vehicle and approached him and stayed by his side, but not before calling the New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife to ask for help. The nice officer was aware of the danger as the mother could had returned in any moment and she would not have been too pleased to see a human next to her baby. Yet, officer Owens took take bet.

Facebook/Town of Carroll Police Department

It did not take too long until helps arrived. But surprisingly, the rescue team from the Fish and Wildlife, discovered a 5th cub, not far away, who was also sick. The both cubs have been taken to a rehab center. Officer Owens also joined them and he even took a photo with the cub he looked after. The two siblings will remain at the rehab until they will be strong enough to get back in the wild and to reunite their family.

Facebook/Town of Carroll Police Department

Find out more about this heartwarming story, in the video bellow!

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