Rescued greyhound dog was afraid of affection until he met his humans’ baby

Scott Merrihew and his wife rescued Mosley, a greyhound pooch, from dog racing when he was 4 years old, providing him with tons of love and care. However, coming from such a noisy and abusive industry, Mosley was not used to all the affection and quietness, so he had a bit of a hard time adjusting to his new home.

His humans claim that it wasn’t easy at first but with “a lot of patience over the years with him to get him as comfortable as he is with life off the track.” Everything took an even bigger turn when Scott and his wife were expecting their first child and Mosley started being closer to her. Scott thinks that Mosley knew what was going on and was very cuddly by the end of the pregnancy. They now live all together with the new baby, whose name is Lucas, and Mosley is carefully allowed around.

More info: Instagram | h/t: thedodo


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