Protective Dog Takes Care Of Newborn Baby, They Are Inseparable Now

Meet Penny, a lovely dog that is so cute and easygoing. She lives with her mom, Olivia Lachernauer.

“She’s really mellow and super sweet,” Lachenauer told The Dodo. “She’s always been very attentive to me.”

Dog is always protective to her mom because of being pregnant.

But one day, Olivia noticed a strange behavior of Penny.

“I thought her strange behavior was because I was starting finals,” Lachenauer said. “I’m in nursing school and had a big final that day. She wasn’t her usual calming self, though — it was almost an anxious energy. She kept booping her nose on my belly instead of being at my side.”

“On question 63, I started having the worst contractions ever,” Lachenauer said. “I finished my final, my parents came over, and by that night my beautiful baby boy was born! Penny knew before I did that something was off.”

Such a great news! Penny is so happy that a newborn baby is now part of their beautiful family!

She looks after baby a lot.

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