Photographer captures precious moment of squirrel gently smelling a flower

You ever hear of the phrase ‘stop and smell the roses’? It’s important to take time out of our busy schedule to: enjoy and appreciate the beauty of life.

Dutch wildlife photographer, Dick van Duijn, has gone viral after an amazing photo of a ground squirrel was shared on his Facebook page.

In the photo, the squirrel is taking a moment to smell a flower with his eyes closed. Van Duijn, 34, took the photo while visiting Vienna, Austria this past summer.

He wrote [translated]: “Last week I went to Austria for a few days to photograph ‘Ziesels’. These funny, curious and acrobatic ground squirrels were on my photograph list for a long time. I have a lot of fantastic images with them and beautiful flowers which I’m very happy with.

“This curious ground squirrel started smelling and tasting the flower,” the photographer recalled. “I was really happy after capturing a photo like this.”

“I went to Austria especially to photograph the ground squirrels,” he added. “It was great to witness this, and very satisfying.”

Van Duijn also takes photographs of birds and other wildlife which you can see on his Facebook page.

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