Pet Rabbit Goes Viral For Being As Big As A Dog

‘We don’t really imagine a rabbit the size of a small dog.’ But these giant rabbits do exist.

As a result, social media is losing their mind over Cocoa Puff, the Continental Giant rabbit who lives in Seattle, Washington.

Despite his large size, he’s still so adorable. And it is his impressive body that has gotten him lots of attention as well as new followers on social media.

This big boy has 322,000 followers just on Instagram alone. Cocoa Puff’s owner, Lindsay, shared with The Morning Show the family’s decision that led to them adding Cocoa Puff to the family. Her daughter, Macy, really wanted a pet but because the family are renters, they decided against a dog or cat. Instead, they decided to explore the option of rabbits.

It was during this exploratory foray that the family discovered two things: giant rabbits do exist, and they are great with kids.

They ended up with Cocoa Puff. The gentle giant took a little time to get used to his new home, but once he was comfortable he quickly settled into the routine of being a house bunny.

Lindsay explained, “I would say the house training took between six and seven months. But rabbits are actually very smart – I don’t think they get enough credit. It doesn’t take him long to learn a trick.”

Even though Cocoa Puff isn’t a dog, he still gets to go on adventures with the family. However, the family is careful not to take Cocoa Puff to places where dogs might be just on the off chance that one gets too close and decides to use him as a chew toy.

The family shared with that Cocoa Puff has quite the appetite on him. Even though he’s a rabbit he easily goes through two big plates of greens a day, plus his regular rabbit kibble, hay, and some yummy treats like dried bananas or mango slices.

The family has also expressed gratitude that their giant bun doesn’t seem to have too much interest in chewing on things that aren’t food.

Since rabbits natural chewers, those who own indoor rabbits need to be careful that they don’t get into things like electrical cords, iPhone charger cables, or computer charger cords.  As a former rabbit owner myself, I can definitely attest to their need to chew on things, which is why I always made sure mine had plenty of rabbit chew toys to play with like wooden blocks, balls of twigs, etc.

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