Patient Mother Bear Plays With Her White Colored Spirit Cub In Adorable footage

When it comes to their little ones, wild animals are overprotective. They’re also very patient, because whether we’re talking about animals or human beings, the offsprings are pretty much alike. All they want to do all day long is to have fun. And given the incredible bond any mother on Earth shares with her baby, there’s no chance she would ever refuse her little one’s whims

This mama bear is no different, when it comes to her five-month-old cub’s caprices. The little one wants a wrestle partner to play with and his loving mom adorably accepts the role. Then, the two share a few minutes of playing and rolling through the grassy fields of Canadian Rockies. However, what makes their sight so special is the bear’s unusual color. The adorable scenes have been initially spotted near Whistler in British Columbia by the tour guide Kathy Jenkins.

The place is known as the home of the extremely rare Kermode bears or spirit bears as they’re known among the locals. In the Native Americans culture, the spirit bear means peace and harmony and watching this adorable footage is all about that!

But even though, the cute little cub is a never seen before creature due to its skin pigmentation and its pink nose. The Kermode bears have black noses. “It’s not white, its got a caramel, light, sort of brownish sheen to its fur,” Arthur De Jong, environmental planning manager for Whistler-Blackcomb told CBC News. “[While] the mom is very much a black bear.”

Putting aside the adorable playing scene, the rare cub and his mom have shared, the wildlife experts are completely baffled by the the little one’s uniqueness. “I have seen cubs ranging [from] black, reddish-brown, chocolate-brown to blonde, but I have never seen in this population, a cub with pelage this light to almost white,” Michale Allen, a B.C. bear expert also said.

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