Bubbles isn’t like your usual elephant, she loves playing catch with labrador her best friend, who is only about as tall as her knee.

Even when Bubbles dives into a large pool of water, Bella finds a way to get the ball by climbing on the giants back.

Bella and Bubbles enjoy a game of catch in the water reserve at Myrtle Beach Safari

Bubbles lives at the Myrtle Beach Safari. She was flown in from Africa from she was a child after her parents were killed for their tusks.

Launchpad: Bella springs off Bubbles' trunk to dive into the water at the centre in South Carolina that is home to an array of other animals

Bella leaps of her playmates back to catch the ball and then swims off leaving the elephant in hot pursuit of her.

“They just love to romp around together.”

Bubbles, a rescued orphan elephant, picks up a ball with her trunk to tease Bella the labrador who dives off her back into water as part of their favourite game

The animals at the Myrtle Beach Safari are part of a wildlife conservation effort called The Rare Species Fund in Southern California.

The pair cool down int he waters at Myrtle Beach Safari where Bubbles was taken as a baby after being flown to the US from Africa

Bubbles now weighs around 4 tons and is over 9ft tall, when she was taken in, she weighed around 150kg and was only 3.5 ft tall.Download720

Bubbles is now over 9ft and weighs around 4 tons after being taken to the centre as a baby weighing just 340lbs and measuring 42in

Bubbles was among a couple of orphaned animals that were flown to the US to be rescued from the lack of housing and care in Africa at the time.

Bubbles teases Bella with the ball before the pair take a break from their tiring game

Bubbles has certainly turned her life around after finding fame in films such as Ace Venture, Malaika and even appearing in a Janet Jackson music video.

Paws for thought: The two unlikely friends take a breather from their tiring game
Bubbles was among the few orphaned elephants that were flown to the US from Africa where a handful of facilities awaited their arrival after their parents had been killed for tusks


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