Meet Wally, The-Bunny With The Biggest Wing-Like Ears

A small bunny rabbit has built up a massive following on Instagram thanks to-his rather large wing-like ears, which dwarf the rest of his adorably fluffy body.

Wally is a beautiful angora rabbit that has become an internet sensation due to his beautiful ears that look like angel wings. Many families around the globe love owning angora rabbits because they have such soft fur that is softer than a teddy bear. They tend to be happy animals, too, that bounce around and play with their owners. Known for having a pleasant expression on their faces, these are very sought after animals.Wally’s photos are just several of the many spiraling around the internet that has helped angora rabbits gain back some fame and energy all throughout the planet.

Wally, who lives in Massachusetts with his owner Molly, the brains behind his Instagram account, is a ten-month-old English Angora rabbit who, despite his young age, has already amassed more than 24,000 followers on the popular photo-sharing app.

”Wally the English Angora Wally and I live in Massachusetts,” Molly explains in the account description. ”He was born in July 2014, which means we are both Cancers.Social media star: Wally, an English Angora bunny from Massachusetts, has amassed more than 24,000 followers.on Instagram.

He’s a beautiful little creature and a wonderful pet.Wally’s account is full of images of the young bunny rabbit enjoying the good life, lounging around at home, frolicking in the garden, and playing hide and seek.Molly also posts videos of her adorable, and a recent clip of her pet flopping over was liked more than 2,000 times.The adorable bunny was also filmed ”making a collage” as he used his.teeth to tear through colorful paper and pick up a roll of tape.

Up, up, and away! Wally’s popularity on Instagram is due, in large part, to him impressive wing-like ears which make.him look as though he is trying to take flight every-time he leaps into the airBut by far the most popular posts on the account are the videos of Wally flaunting his impressive ear-span, while leaping into the air, be it for fun – or to grab at a piece of food.

One-video, which was posted three weeks ago, shows the young bunny leaping into the air in slow motion , while his ears flap slowly around his face.

It was captioned: ”LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!” Wally, how about, “Would you care to see my performance?” I’m a PERFORMER! WATCH MY PERFORMANCE!’The clip, which has been liked more than 1,500-times, has received hundreds of comments from fans, noting how satisfying it is to watch Wally at his happiest. ‘I’m obsessed with Wally I’ve been watching his videos for like an hour now,’ one person wrote, while another added: ‘Oh my, this is way too cute!’While English Angora bunnies are known for having large ears, Wally’s appear to be much bigger than the.average rabbit’s, making him look all the more unique, particularly when he takes to the air.

Popular pet: Wally’s images and videos attract thousands of likes and hundreds of comments on the social media site, with many followers praising the young bunny’s adorable appearance.And according to his Instagram account, Wally is now getting ready-to indulge into some international travel.”This is Wally’s passport photo.” Molly captioned a photo of Wall looking straight at the’ camera.

She added about the image, which was posted last week: ‘He really wanted me to post it today. ”According to Molly, Wally wants the world to know that he is a [cultured and cosmopolitan bunny’ even though has’only visited two different states thus far in his life.’Wally and I had to talk about what it means to USE your passport versus to HAVE a passport, [sic]’ she noted. Apparently, Wally is hoping to.visit Tokyo some time-in-the not too distant future.

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