Meet This Adorable Kitten Named Grandpa Who Has Just Opened His Eyes For The First-Time

Meet this cute kitten- named Grandpa. He has had a really tough life, due to health concerns. Little cat was born with a cleft palate and twisted/ hind legs.

So he immediately was sent to the vet – His owners didn’t know how to take-care of him but at the same time they didn’t want to abandon the cat.

Grandpa now is a little bit well. “He has just opened his eyes for the first-time.

Stephanie Medrano, a parent fosterer for Stray Cat Alliance – has said that Grandpa has a lot of improvement on-his right leg.

”Grandpa is still too young to have his cleft palate surgery so he will be tube fed until he is a little older. His legs are already being examined more carefully – His right leg has: made a lot of improvement with the constant massages and currently has a small splint on-his toes. The left leg on the other hand did not make any further improvement and the vet has determined that his bone is also twisted. The left twisted leg will be left alone for now, further evaluation will be done when he is older.”

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