Woman Risks Touching Mangy Cat to Show Him He’s Loved

Valentino is a cat with a terrible case of sarcoptic mange, a condition that renders him all but untouchable for fear of contagion.

His condition is so severe that his eyes are effectively sealed shut and his fur is covered in gunk.

Since sarcoptic mange can be transmitted to humans and cats alike, he was kept separate and isolated.

However, Elaine Seamans took it upon herself to break this touch barrier when she heard him faintly call for help as she passed by.

She couldn’t help but take pity on him and, risking contracting mange herself, she pulled him from his enclosure and hugged him.

Elaine gave her friend, Toby Wisneski of Leave no Paws Behind, a call, still holding the cat.

He noticed the cats faint plea for help and resolved to pick him up over the weekend for a much-needed visit to the vet.

His treatment was started immediately and Wisneski had only positive things to say about Valentino.

“He couldn’t move and he couldn’t see. But God love him, he’s a fighter. Everybody just adores him and they’re very protective of him.”

He is doing well and is set to recover soon.

For now, he has the support of everyone around him.


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