Man wakes up to find tiny squirrels adorably sleeping outside his window

While the vast majority of people have to visit a park or even the forest, to admire wild animals, this lucky guy in Germany had the sweetest encounter with a bunch of cute rodents, just outside his window. Apparently, a family of squirrels turned one the house’s windowsills into their nest.


It all started a couple of months ago, when Ludwig Timm noticed all sort of leaves, little branches and other things on the windowsill of the bathroom. He initially though that the wind might be cause, but he then realized it was more than that. It turned out to be a very elaborate project.

“We initially noticed a few small twigs that were lying on the windowsill,” the man told THE DODO. “Shortly after we saw the squirrels building.”


Since Timm is a big fab of wildlife photography, to guest a squirrel family so close to his camera sound like a rare opportunity. Observing the tiny creature building a family just outside his window was like a dream came true for Timm. So naturally he grabbed countless of snaps with his unusual visitors.


Squirrels are very cute and extremely photogenic, but among the thousands of photos Timm captured, one is his favorite. One morning he woke up earlier and he went to check how the tiny family is doing. Surprisingly, they were all napping in the most heartwarming fashion. Timm rushed to capture the moment on his camera and the result was nothing short of adorable.


“It was very lucky for me to be able to take the photo of them sleeping,” Timm says. “Normally they’re inside the nest, but it was hot that day, so they slept where I could see them.”

h.t: thedodo

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