Man Goes To Shelter And Adopts All-Dogs Nobody Wanted After Lost Of His Dog

No one can bear the; loss of loved ones. It is something that affects the mind, over a long period of time. As we say every day, the loss of pets is can not bear for every-owners. Perhaps you  also have experienced this feeling. Owners do different things when they lose their pets. Some things we can’t even believe. So, weare going to tell you such’ a wonderful story. ‘See what this man did after losing his beloved dog’. It’s really amazing.

Steve Greig is a very loving dog owner. A few years ago he lost his beloved dog forever. This dog was a part of his life. So it was not easy for him to forget the dog. No one could to comfort him. In the meantime, one day he decided to go to a local animal shelter.  He met an officer of the shelter. The officer could not believe Steve’s request. He asked the officer to give him the dog that no one wanted. There, the officer gave him a 12-year–old Chihahua dog named Eeyore. So he brought the dog home without thinking twice. He warmly welcomed Eeyore. Steve is a very kind person to all animals. From the day Eeyore brought him home, he did not stop adopting dogs that no one wanted. After all he had 9 dogs. In addition, he raised animals such as pigs and rabbits. All these animals live in his house as a loving family. It was a really happy family. “Steve has to wake up at 5:am every-day to prepare food for these animals. But, he doesn’t think about it. He prepares a variety of foods. Also, he gave  properly veternary care to all animals. He works as an accountant and comes home during the lunch break to take-care of the animals before gong back – to work. At the end of the day they all sleep together as one family. What-is-special is that the pig who lived with them believed that she was also a dog. This is truly a happy family.

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