Lion cubs rejected by mother get adopted by caring German Shepherd

Keeping a wild animal in captivity is wrong for so many reasons. It affects them both physically and mentally and make them to even lose the motherly instinct. That leads to rejection of their cubs shortly after they’re born.

Unfortunately, even after these animals are being rescued their wild instincts are not getting back.

It happened to a young lioness, resident of a wildlife park in Russia. Sirona was about to give birth for the first time and naturally everyone was so excited. It is quite rare for a big wild cat to gave birth in captivity, so the event was welcomed with enthusiasm by the staff. However, shortly after Sirona’s two adorable tiny cubs came into this world, things did not go as planned.


While naturally the lioness’ motherly instincts should have kicked in, with the young mother it happened quite the opposite. She didn’t showed any affection to her newborn babies and even worst she seemed to totally reject them. The staff at the park knew it is crucial for new born cubs to stick with their moms, after birth, but in this situation they had to do something. As the little ones were in real danger, they decided to relocate them. However, they were all aware their chances of survival were extremely low.


Fortunately, another resident of the park gave them an unexpected help. Even she’s not a wild animal, Sandra the German Shepherd, lives there since she was a puppy. He kind nature made her everyone’s best friend. So the caretakers thought to give it a try and present the cubs to the caring dog. And the gentle Sandra surprised everyone!


The lovely German Shepherd instantly adopted the two cubs and acted just like they were her own babies. She cares for them and even feeds them. Sandra has her own litter, so she feed the tiny lions with her own milk. Apparently, the two rejected cubs find the comfort they need in their adoptive mom and that saved their lives.

Credits Instagram

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