Just In Time, Sanitation Workers Save A Kitten From A Garbage Bag

It saddens my heart to think that people are capable of such inhumane acts towards vulnerable animals.

Fortunately, the world is full with good people, and as this heartwarming story shows, miracles may come in tiny packages. Take a look at Hopper!

CREDIT: Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue

The narrative begins as sanitation employees go about their duties as though it were any other day. They heard a meow as they were placing rubbish bags into the back of their vehicle.

They were both hopeful what they heard was a broken child’s toy, but as the screaming resumed, they realized one of the bags contained an animal.

CREDIT: Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue

“When we opened the bag, we discovered a cat.” His heart was pounding furiously. We thought he was shocked, so we went in and grabbed him.” They were astounded by what they saw as well.

“Who would do such a thing?” Taking the cat out of the bag… There are so many more ways to assist a cat have a better life than putting it in a bag and tying it up and taping the top. I can’t help but believe it was done on purpose.”

CREDIT: Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue
The two guys decided to thoroughly inspect their van to ensure there were no more cats inside, and happily none were discovered.

The event had upset the small ginger kitten, so one of them snuggled him close to his chest to soothe him down. They chose to call him Hopper, which is the nickname for a trash truck’s rear end.

CREDIT: Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue

They realized Hopper was roughly 10 weeks old after a trip to the vet. He also had an upper respiratory illness and an eye infection. He was transferred to Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue after being cured and was shortly placed in the care of a loving foster family.

As a parting gift, the two men who found him purchased Hopper a luxurious cat bed and other supplies. The event had a profound effect on both of them.

CREDIT: Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue

Hopper is now recovering in his foster home, and his condition is steadily improving. He’ll be placed up for adoption once he’s completely recovered, and I’m confident he’ll have a good future ahead of him.

CREDIT: Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue

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