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Incredible eagle mom protects her nest even when she is covered in snow

The mother is ready to do anything to take care of her future offspring.

The female bald eagle did not leave the nest, even when she was almost covered with snow!

But she continued to warm the eggs so that the chicks would see the light.For 10 years now, bald eagles named Bella and Smitty have been returning to their huge nest on Mount Potomac to have offspring..

Ornithologists have long installed cameras to observe the parenting of these beautiful birds. But this year, viewers were more worried about them than usual. The winter was incredibly cold, the nest was covered with snow, and Bella could hardly move.

Usually, female eagles sit on eggs 80% of the time, and males take care of food – they catch fish and small animals.

But, even then, she will not be able to completely free herself from the burden of parenthood.
Newborn chicks will stay in the nest for another three months while their parents feed them. After that, they will need to be taught to fly.
But even young eagles that have learned how to fly will not be left without their mother’s care – their parents will continue to feed them and teach them to hunt.

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