Horse Keeps Breaking Free To Visit Dementia Patients Who Give Him Carrots

We love it when animals are naughty, it’s like they have their own subgenre of humor, and we’re all here for it.

A new video has surfaced that serves as a reminder of why we adore wayward animals, and it features a beautiful white palomino horse.

Despite how beautiful he is, his looks aren’t what is attracting all of his mom’s TikTok fans.

This horse seems to keep finding ways of getting loose so he can visit the local dementia ward, where they often give him carrots.

It seems like a lot of people have something to say in the comments. User @becksm1026 wrote, “Ok but this is so sweet he wants to go back to see his friends.”

@brusselsgremlin said, “they mightve forgotten, but he hasnt.”

@haliemclean summed it up perfectly! “Nah they’ll be loving it ,” she said. ‘LOOK JANET,THERES A HORSE OUTSIDE’ ah Margaret, you’re losing it.”

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