Hell’s Adventure to Stray Kitty’s New House

Life is often not fair to us, and neither are small animals. What happens to an abandoned cat in poor condition is the exact example. One day Nur Hamizah Had from Malaysia who adores all the animals on the street saves the cat from death. After 5 months, she becomes a very popular beautiful cat on Instagram.

“It looked very bad: infections, fungi, wounds and many more problems. She was also very dirty and stinky, and she had all kinds of bugs on her skin. Furthermore, Meimei’s leg was injured and she needed urgent attention immediately. “

The kitten’s box is under Nur’s car.

The kitten named Meimei seems to be afraid of people.

He has been recovering his health for 5 months

When he found her, he was 2 kilos in weight. So Nur did everything he could to fight for the kitten’s life. With her love and care, Nur promised that he would adopt her if she survived.

A year later, he is 6kg with snow-white hair and is living the best time of his life.

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