Heartwarming Video Shows Caring Chimpanzee Bottle-Feeding Lion cub

Not just once, wildlife thought us what kindness really means – In desperate times, animals share the most unlikely bonds and care for each other-in a way we cannot explain nor understand. Regardless the species, animals maternal instincts, immediately kick in when stumbling upon a soul’ in need of help.

Speaking of gentle souls, this caring chimpanzee is nothing but the same. In an absolutely adorable video, the foster mom, was caught on camera bottle-feeding with milk a tiny lion cub. The heartwarming moment was initially shared.on Twitter by: the Indian Forest Services officer, Susanta Nanda, and won the internet ever since.

Though the place or time, neither the circumstances, of the video- are unknown, it is impossible not to noticed just how caring this chimp can be’ – The scene are nothing but pure love and the short footage culminates with a gentle kiss given by: the foster momma on the lion’s forehead.

“The kiss of the foster mother at the end,” it is how Nanda described the touching moment. Take a look;

Unsurprisingly, lots of people got their hearts melted upon watching the- adorable scene. And their reaction say it all. ‘We humans don’t deserve animals,’ one person wrote – While another one added, ‘A mother’s love sees no limits, bounds, color or species, it only wants to nurture, comfort , help seeing its own child in all children.”

Many didn’t even found their words to explain the beautiful moment- with user writing “no words to explain this,” as other one wrote ‘So much love.’


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