Friendly Dog Brings Home A ‘Puppy,’ Turns Out It’s A Black Bear Cub

Most of the dogs are extremely friendly, so it is in their nature to befriend any living creature they meet. They are also very fond of exploring places, so when they adventure through the neighbor, they might bring home some company. Yet, this dog went a little too far with this!

Facebook/Richard Vaughan

Recently, a family from Washington County was extremely surprised when noticed their dog just brought home a baby animal he just found while walking in the wood, not far from their backyard. And not just an ordinary baby animals, but a bear cub. Initially, the family did not knew how to react, but on a closer look, they realized their kindhearted dog actually saved the bear’s life.

Facebook/Richard Vaughan

The cub which weigh less than 1.2 lb was a pretty poor condition. Dehydrated and very confused, the tiny creature looked like he was left behind by his family, or maybe he got lost, as neither his mom nor his siblings was nowhere to be found.

“Look what the dog brought home,” Richard Vaughan wrote on Facebook. “Conservation officer checks out this newborn baby black bear cub after a family pet dog carried it home this afternoon.”

Facebook/Richard Vaughan

Fortunately, the hopeless cub went straight into the best hands with this family rushing to help him out. They immediately have taken the baby bear to the Wildlife Center of Virginia for help. Soon as they got there, the devoted team put him into an incubator to properly fed him with vitamins and minerals he needed so much to recover.

Thankfully, the little one fully recovered within months and now he returned in the wild next to an adoptive mom.

“It’s a great example of all of us working together to provide what a wild animal needs most!” Amanda Nicholson, the director of the Wildlife Center told Bored Panda. “The black bear cub was successfully fostered on Wednesday! He’s out in the wild with a new mom now.”

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