An Abandoned Black Lab And A Rescued Elephant Have Become Inseparable Best Friends

After an Elephant met a black lab in South Carolina, they became the oddest of friends. When Myrtle Beach Safari took in a shy and abandoned puppy named Bella, it was a match made in paradise.

Bubbles the Elephant was brought to the safari in 1983 after her parents were slaughtered by ivory poachers. She rapidly became healthy, joyful, and had a lovely time living her new life with caring volunteers after being rescued.

Bella was adopted by Myrtle Beach Safari twenty-five years later, and she and Bubbles became fast friends. On the 50-acre preserve, the two besties enjoy running around for hours on end.

Despite their differences in stature, these two species share a remarkable gentle bond. It’s lovely to watch Bella and Bubbles’ affection for one another. We wish them many happy and healthy years together.

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