Dog faints from ‘overwhelming joy’ when reunited with owner after two years

Dogs always have wild shouts of enthusiasm upon seeing their humans. Nevertheless, only if you missed for just a couple of minutes, your furry friend reacts like haven’t seen you in years and turns the moment into a drama. These reactions are not on purpose, though, but they came naturally and show just how strong is the love of a dog for its owner.

Rebecca Svetina

Anyway, nothing compares with this 9-year-old Schnauzer’s reaction when reunited with her mom, after a couple of years! The dog, named Casey, haven’t see her owners for over two years, and the moment her human mom grabs her into her arms, he gets a little over-excited. The feeling of joy is so strong for the pup, she appears to faint.

Rebecca Svetina

After she had been gone, for more than two years in Slovenia, Rebecca Ehalt returned to her family’s home in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, where she’s about to reunite with her dog, Casey. Only the pup has a very unexpected reaction upon seeing Rebecca. As soon as she’s aware of her presence, Casey run to greet her, but she’s so excited she can even bark. More, within seconds, the overwhelming joyed dog passes out. The moment took everyone completely by surprise as the woman immediately started to worry about. Thankfully, Casey was fine.

Rebecca Svetina

“She didn’t even barked, she squeaked just like a continuous squeak,” Rebecca said. “We never expected her to pass out, but luckily she’s fine, now.”

The heartwarming moment was caught on camera, and shared online by Rebecca. Though, a little old, the footage gained over 50 million views, so far!

Rebecca Svetina

“It’s so genuine. It’s so cute,” Miha Svetina, Rebecca’s husband told WTAE. “There are so many things going on in the world. People are actually excited when they see something so nice and dogs are just awesome.”

Watch the moment, below:

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