Doberman Pinscher loves mother Ruby and adopts an abandoned Kitten.

Adorable photos of Doberman Pinscher nursing an abandoned Kitten will melt your heart.

A mother’s love knows no bounds, and this Doberman pinscher mama proves that applies no matter the species.

Doberman Pinschers don’t have a warm and fuzzy reputation and in popular culture often are portrayed as highly aggressive and even vicious.

Just a week after birthing a litter of six puppies last month, Ruby accepted and nursed an a.ban.doned newborn kitten as though she was her own.

Ruby’s human Brittany Callan and her family have 14 Dobermans at their farm including the six that Ruby recently gave birth to.

Mama Ruby will even carry her new baby around in her mouth, protecting the kitten from her rambunctious siblings.

Ruby with Rose and the other litter of puppies.

Kitten named ‘Ramblin’ Rose’ was found in the grass by Callan. When she saw the lost kitty, she thought of Ruby, who just had baby pups. Her took the little blind baby home with the hope that Ruby’s mothering ‘instin.cts’ would ki.ck in when she saw the helpless Kitten.

So sweet, it worked. Ruby licked Rose like she was her mother.

This shows how loving and compassionate dogs can be to be looking after a kitten and puppies at the same time.

Rose has now settled in with Ruby and her pups.

Ruby even carries her around the house in her mouth. They snuggle up with each other at night and sleep together as a little family.

Delighted, Callan posted pictures of Ruby and Rose’s first meeting on Facebook, writing, “Seriously cannot get over how well Ruby has taken to this kitten.”

As for how the kitten got its name: Callan says it was her cousin who gave it to her, in honor of her late father.

Callan, who takes care of 18 dogs in total currently, including six Dobermans, is delighted that Ruby and Rose’s story is going viral.

It’s kind of weird in the world now, there’s a lot going on, there’s a lot of hate.

This is two completely different species that have come together. Just something really heartwarming.

Love doesn’t care about differences. Humans could learn so much from animals like Ruby.

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Source: Brittany Callan

Watch their sweet video here:

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