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Curious beluga whale upstages bride in greatest photobomb ever, becomes internet sensation

It turns out animals always find the best possible ways “to ruin” our great moments. From pups that hilariously crashed wedding shootings to cats that absolutely destroyed birthday cakes, animals tend to find the perfect timings to interrupt us in the most adorable and epic ways. Yet, nothing compares with this couple’s photobomb on their weeding day.

When this young couple decided to tie the knot, the have chosen a place they always loved to visit – Mystic Seaport in Connecticut. They thought it would the most romantic moment of their lives, but they never been so wrong. Everything was as perfect as this couple ever imagined, but just when the minister asked the famous question – “If anyone knows of a reason why this couple shouldn’t be married, speak now” – a beluga whale came out of nowhere and “ruined” the moment.

It was definitely the kind of moment the newly-weds won’t forget anytime soon, but where’s the fun in it if you don’t share such a sweet moment with everybody else. So, the groom shared the notorious photo on Reddit and asked people to photoshop it as they like. The result is pure internet gold! Scroll down and enjoy this epic photoshop battle!

You may now kiss the bride!


The minister whale.


A Disney wedding!


Mr. Beluga!


Don’t dooo it!

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