Brave Senior Dog Sacrifices Himself To Shield Family from bear atack

Dogs are the most loyal creatures on Earth, there’s no doubt of that, but a four-legged companion to sacrifice for its owners?…Well it’s hard to imagine! Yet, this brave dog decided to sacrifice himself to save his owners from a bear encounter

On February 11, 2018, Stephen Parisi and Cathi Henn, a married couple from New York went for a hike at Monksville Reservoir in New Jersey with their three dogs, the BBC reported. It was when their 14-year-old English Settler named Pete, saved their lives.

“The bear’s only exit was a 180-degree turn and the bear was never going to turn its back on something that it was scared of, so it came for Stephan and the dogs,” Cathi told BBC.

It’s when the brave Pete stepped in and confronted the massive bear, while Stephen was trying to put the other two dogs, who were only pups, to a safe place. But at the time he returned to the scene, Pete was badly injured. That was the price he paid to chase the bear away.

The couple took the brave dog to the hospital, but the vets told them tge injuries are too serious for him to survive, and after long thoughts and with heavy heart, the couple took the right decision: to put their hero dog down.

However, they took the Instagram to pay a heartbreaking tribute to the one who actually shield them from the angry wild creature.

“Run free Pete, you no longer have all those aches and pains of old age. You had a great 18 months with us running the days away like you loved.. Love you Petey. Save me some cheese for when we see each other again,” the post reads.

“I want to remember Pete as the happy-go-lucky dog he was. I want to remember him running through the woods, always with his tail wagging,” Cathi told BBC.

The story proves us once again, if necessary, just how incredible creature dogs are! However, this isn’t the first time a loyal dog is protecting his owner with his own life!

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