Beautiful Relationship Between Orphaned Giraffe, And Guard Dog (10 Pics)

This is the story of an unlikely friendship between an abandoned baby giraffe, and a guard dog at a local orphanage in South Africa.

Hunter, a young Belgian Malinois, keeps an eye on Jazz, a nine-day-old giraffe, at the Rhino orphanage in the Limpopo province of South Africa, Friday Nov. 22 2019

Jazz the giraffe was only nine days old when he was found by a farmer in the wild without a mother and taken to The Rhino Orphanage in South Africa.

Janie Van Heerden feeds Jazz, a nine-day-old giraffe at the Rhino orphanage in the Limpopo province of South Africa, Friday Nov. 22 2019

Hunter is a young Belgian Malinois, he began to care for Jazz the moment he was rescued, quickly befriending the long-necked guy.

Hunter snuggles into Jazz, the nine-day-old giraffe, as if she is another dog. Both Hunter and his brother have become fond of the giraffe

Janie Van Heerden is a caretaker at the orphanage, he says that the pair bonded instantly, with Hunter snuggling into Jazz the giraffe’s body as if it was another pup.

The young pair relax together on a blanket in the Rhino orphanage. Jazz will grow to be many times the size of Hunter

Jazz is slowly growing to be bigger and stronger and eventually, he will leave the orphanage and go back into his natural habitat, but only when he’s strong enough.

Hunter keeps a look out as Jazz snoozes in his corner on a mattress. Baby giraffes can drink cows milk at an incredible rate - up to 12 pints a day

Janie said “Possibly soon [the giraffe] will be able to go home ‘to the wild’.

Unlike baby primates, he does not need to be fed at night, which makes looking after the orphan much less of a chore for keepers

Unfortunately, the exact location of-the orphanage is kept a secret due to poachers.

In just three or four years Jazz will be full grown. In just a month the giraffe could reach a hefty ten stone

There is no doubt that some hearts will be broken when the two are inevitably separated’.

Orphanage worker Janie Van Heerden looks on at the Rhino orphanage in the Limpopo province of South Africa Friday Nov. 22 2019

In just a month, a giraffe can grow to around 10 stone in-weight.

Rescued animals must not become too familiar with humans or they can be difficult to introduce back into the wild, but the same is not said about dogs befriending them
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