Baby seal accidentally scares a polar bear cub in cutest wildlife footage

The pic looks like the seal popped up and made the baby polar bear laugh! It’s so cute!

Such innocents lives. Nature is amazing and beautiful.

(A BBC filming team) Following a polar bear mother and her two tiny cubs, in their epic journey from the the Svalbard islands to the North Pole, the team witnessed an unexpectedly comical moment Soon as they reached the endless glacier, the hungry mother started to chase seals – polar bears main food source – hoping her two cubs will also develop their [hunting] skills.

But the mother bear’s expectations are soon [ruined] as one of the cubs epically [fails] on her first lesson. Inspired by the fearless mother, the cub seems more determined than ever to catch her own dinner, but only to fell on her back with fear, when a baby seal found its way through the ice just in front of the bear. And clearly, the little one didn’t expect to this…! Typical boy!  Playing around and then… Thank you bbc for the cute footage.

Glad there’s a video cutest thing ever! Baby bears are so cute but so are baby seals. Beautiful how all kinds of babies can get along. The innocence of childhood…no matter what species. Maybe in years to come when bear is hunting he might remember seal and give him a day off lol.

This is one of the cutest things ever seen…! Absolutely precious!

Watch the lovely moment here:

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