Baby Mini Cow Rescued From Auction House Loves Every One Of Her 12 Dog Brothers

Moonpie is a mini cow that’s an absolute cutie pie. She was rescued from a local auction by Janice Wolf and taken to the Rocky Ridge Refuge, that Wolf also runs. The particular thing about Moonpie? Since she was too little when she was rescued she had to be inside Wolf’s house and she was raised around dogs, so she thought of herself as one of them as well.

“Babies like that — they don’t know a whole lot about what it’s supposed to be, so they kind of just accept things,” Wolf said. It appears Moonpie has a special bond with one particular dog named Spackle, a white bull terrier that took her in as soon as she got to the refuge.

By now, Moonpie has met another mini cow and although she was skeptical at first, she just embraced her look-alike as another big dog!

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