Baby Bat RescueAfter Being Hit By Car Stuffs Her Cheeks With Banana, And The Video Is So Adorable

This baby bat named ‘Miss Alicia’ was rescued in Queensland, Australia, after a frightening encounter with a vehicle left her requiring immediate care.

She was taken into the caring hands of bat conservationist Denise Wade, and she is set to make a complete recovery without significant injuries suffered. She even managed to look cute as hell in the aftermath, if you haven’t realized.

When tiny Miss Alicia was recovering, swaddled in a comfy blue towel, Wade too} a video of her feeding time.

Given the fact that flying foxes possess a common sweet tooth (their food intake is made up mainly of fruit and nectar), you can imagine the way Alicia reacted when a fresh banana was offered to her.

Scroll down to watch the priceless clip for yourself.

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