Albino Elephant baby with pink skin and blue eyes rescued from poachers by animal rights activists

Animals are hunted by poachers all over the world for a variety of reasons and in not infrequent cases even killed out of greed.

Whether the ivory of elephants or rhinos or the meat of various species of monkeys, for poachers the hunting of such innocent animals is a lucrative business.

Animal rights activists rescue albino elephant baby

According to the report, animal rights activists found a very rare albino elephant baby with pink skin and blue eyes that had become entangled in a poacher’s snare and thus separated from its herd.

At the time of the discovery, the little elephant was completely emaciated and it didn’t need much more before it would have passed away.

Foto: herd_elephants/Instagram

Thankfully, the animal welfare workers were quicker and brought the baby elephant to a sanctuary where she can recover and regain her strength.

Despite the dangerous wounds she received from the trap, she is recovering well and has quickly adapted to her new environment at the Elephant Rehabilitation and Development Centre.

The keepers named her “Khanyisa”, which means light.

The staff at the sanctuary wrote on Instagram:

“Khanyisa is beaming this morning and looks happy.”

The baby elephant has already put on 20 kilos of elephant fat, which is an important step for a later release into the wild.

Foto: herd_elephants/Instagram

Release into the elephant herd

The albino elephant is to be released into the wild after a complete recovery in the Kapama Animal Park, which is currently home to a herd of elephants that has already taken in orphaned babies in the past.

Experts estimate that 20,000 elephants fall victim to poaching in Africa every year. The poachers’ main target: ivory.

In Asia, ivory is very popular, as shown by a find at Dubai airport in July 2013. At that time, an incredible 447 kilograms of ivory from Zimbabwe were discovered by customs and subsequently confiscated.

In March 2014, game rangers were unfortunately unable to stop three poachers from Zambia in Hwange National Park until it was too late; by then they had already killed several elephants and managed to collect 37 tusks (700 kilograms). They were also carrying 375 rifles.

Struggle of the rangers important for animals

The commitment of the courageous people who go on anti-poaching patrols as rangers in South Africa’s national parks is all the greater. They risk their lives in the fight against poaching.

Thank God, at least in the case of little Khanyisa, something worse was prevented.

Really impressive pictures of the albino elephant baby.

We wish the little lady elephant a good recovery and hope that she will be accepted by the elephant herd just like any other baby elephant.

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