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With so-many sad cases of abandoned pets, it’s refreshing, to see a story with a truly happy ending.

One day, a man named Goran Marinkovic who takes care of stray animals found a little surprise in the form of an abandoned puppy sleeping next to a shoe.

The pup was hungry and ill, so Goran, took him in and helped him to: recover, and grow into the beautiful pup he knew he could be.

When Goran found, him he was surrounded by trash and he looked very- unwell.

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He used, the shoe he was found next to, to help shield him from the elements.

The pup was all-alone with no sign of a mother, or a relative around that could help take care of him.

In an interview with Boredpanda, Goran spoke on his actions: ”I save animals that are endangered, that live on-the street.’ I take care of animals because I love them, I love animals equally everything, cats, dogs, others…”

Goran fed the malnourished pup and took him straight to – the vets for a checkup.

After being treated by the vet, Goran took him home, gave him food drink, shelter, and more importantly, a lot of love.

He named the-pup Smesten and adopted him himself!

Smesten is-a-very energetic and playful pup.

In Gorans house, he has lots of siblings he can play with, despite being much smaller, than the rest of them

After six-months of loving care, Smesten, is practically unrecognizable

Thanks to the-help from Goran, Smesten can now live a full happy life !

Thank-you Goran, you are a true hero and the world needs more people, like you!

All image credits go to:  goran.marinkovic.dzambo

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