A homeless guy goes inside a burning shelter to save all of the animals.

Keith Walker – a 53-year-old homeless man, has been hailed as a hero for saving the lives of 10 cats and six dogs in need. When he saw flames pouring from W-Underdogs, an animal sanctuary in Atlanta, Georgia, the heroic guy did not hesitate to risk his life to save the innocent animals. All of the animals trapped within the blazing shelter were rescued and survived as a result of his bravery.

Gracie Hamlin

“I wasn’t going to lie, I was nervous,” Keith said to CNN. “With all that smoke, I was terrified to walk in there.” God, on the other hand, placed me there to save those creatures.”

Gracie Hamlin

Keith, who has lived on the streets since he was 13, has a pit bull named Bravo as a buddy. He was on his way to the shelter to pick up his puppy when the fire broke out. Gracie Hamlin, the owner of the shelter, knows Keith since she allows him to leave Bravo there every night.

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“You can love anyone in the world if you love a dog,” the brave guy stated. “My dog is my greatest buddy, and without him, I wouldn’t be here, therefore I knew I had to help all those other dogs.”

Gracie was overjoyed to learn that, because to Keith’s bravery, all of the animals at the shelter were safe. She told CNN, “He is my guardian angel.” “Until they were all secure, he was removing the cats and dogs.” I owe him a huge debt of gratitude for protecting my animals. I’m still stunned since I’ve been near fires before and know how quickly they can erupt. He is a hero to me.”

Thankfully, the shelter was only a few days away from relocating the animals to a new location, and the rescued animals had all been relocated!

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