А Iоst рuррy finds thе nееdеd hеrо аftеr wаndеring intо а miIitаry bаsе.

Sweet strаy dog Griffon had been living on the streets for so long that he had all but given up on ever finding a family.

Up until he had a lucky break one day.
He ended up in the arms of the man who sаvеd him after his roaming took him to one of the most unexpected locations—a foreign naval installation.

“A U.S. Naval Commander observed the small canine and quickly understood he wouldn’t survivе long alone in such a dаngеrous situation,” reads a Facebook post from Paws of War, a group that trains support dogs for professionals and first responders.

He immediately scooped the puppy into his arms after being reminded of his unit’s motto, “Those who show up alive, leave alive,” and realized it had to apply to this little spirit as well.

Griffon’s reputation quickly traveled across the base, and soon everyone was anxious to see him.

The message stated, “As the Leader took responsibility for Griffon, he developed a great attachment with the dog that follows him everywhere.”

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