Mother Love

Home sweet home

So beautiful

Evening meal

Me and you

A heartwarming scene of two green parrots nestled together in the hollow of a tree. Their vibrant colors and close bond remind us of the beauty and love found in nature.

Nature's Magic

A magical moment in nature: an elegant swan and its adorable cygnets swimming peacefully in a tranquil pond. The peace and beauty of this scene remind us of the wonders of nature.

Art of nature

Amazing birds

Magnificent bird

So beautiful

Happy friends

New generation

Golden oriole feeding its chicks in the nest

Happy little bird

The little guy

Beautiful bird

Mother's love under heavy rain

It's so big and still needs its mother to feed it

#Wildlife #Birds #baby bird

Baby bird feeding

He is holding 20 Bitcoins

Different screams and cries

May God make it a beautiful country.

An interesting and beautiful display and the difference of birds in the sky

A powerful bird catches fish like this

Mother means all the greatness

Bird while feeding her puppies.. Save nature so that you can see more beauty.

Just one dragonfly can consume over one hundred mosquitos in a day!!!

Bird dance

Rescue a pigeon and adopt it

The girl rescued a rainbow lorikeet and it brouht her a surprise

Beautiful birds

Distinctive appearance tawny frogmouth bird

The Bare-throated Bellbird

The Bare-throated Bellbird (Procnias nudicollis) is a large bird found in the Atlantic Forest of South America, particularly in Brazil. Known for its distinctive call resembling the sound of a bell, it is named for the lack of feathers on its throat. The male has a striking appearance, with bright yellow plumage and a black head. These birds play important roles in seed dispersal and are indicators of forest health in their habitat.

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